Raya-Kina Preparation

There’s no slightly difference beetwen Jakarta and Bangkok, Arriving in the month of January that should be Rainy seasons in Bangkok,not in fact,

Here some things inside my luggage

  1. Sleepsuite/Pajamas
  2. Short Sleeves
  3. Long Sleeves
  4. Short Pants
  5. Jeans
  6. Legging
  7. Undershirt
  8. CD
  9. Diapers
  10. Baby Carrier
  11. Traditional Baby Carrier
  12. Socks
  13. Headband
  14. Hat
  15. Bag
  16. Toys
  17. Medicine (Transpulmin,Vicks Vaporub,Tempra,LactoB ect)

Just bring them sufficiently, you can get them easily in Baby shop,

then I decided not to bring baby chair and stroller, we bought here with the prize 1300B (please don’t convert) and still thingking to buy stroller 😀

Beside that I bring most my breastmilk stocks which is almost 30 bags @100ml and frozen porridge , here are some tips while I packaged them

  1. Wrapped the breastmilk, ice gell and frozen porridge( I used kept my breasmilk with breastmilk bag and stored at frezer) with newspaper, make sure it covered well and put scotch tape, Using newspaper kept it cool longer,
  2. Put them into Cooler bag, and do not open frequently

Alhamdulilah all my breastmilk and frozen porridge delivered safely after journey for about 5 hours,then put them into freezer.