feel inside


This is the saddest thing in my wedding preparations. My emotions spilled out here.even up to the time of writing this post. From the beginning I would like if there is a display photos / sketches put on my wedding invitation. And he agree ,sure we must make a sketch and Blok M square is our destination.Day by day with uncertainty,at least it finished.The result is out of my mind. My face is similar with mine, but him?a litle bit weird.and he told that the frame is different from the order 😦  Altough just see through bbm picture, I know it’s different. I imagine an mesmerising our sketch with black and white touches covered with an elegant frame.

Due the time already tight we me decided  there’s no any photo/sketches on wedding invitation. And I give up, have no desire to continue to assist the process of making wedding invitation (take a deep breath). I just trust to God and my besties as my wedding invitation maker. Hoping it finished soon,No more.

hey you: you bride can’t stop her tears. She was dreaming put on photos at wedding invitation,and sadly she’s hoping too much since very beginning 😦