-Getting my period-


my man, my friends and surround

feel so bad even it’s hard to put a smile in this face while they are laughing for something funny but I don’t. Lossing the cheernes, find difficulty n anger manage. How about sensitivite? its ten times than usual. Irritable and anger easily. that’s the clue if I am getting my period. Why those things happens? It’s due to the esterogen and progresteron hormones that declines just before menstruation, the reproductive system is closely related to the central nerves system. therefore the hormonal changes also affects the working of the brain that regulate emotion and mood (feelings)

so it’s a normal (*hoorraaay*) but believe me, I am trying hard to control my emotion, I prefer to be quit than say a rough think, say yes than must be compromised and cry rather than angry.

it;s okey if you want to show of this feeling, but whenit;s over you just feel guilty